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January 25-27


November 4, 2022 curtismorrow@outlook.com0
With so much negativity in the world today, we need to reposition ourselves with positive messaging. Words matter.
Words bring light to counter the darkness and vice versa.
Words can lift one up… but they can also tear one down.
In fact, I will submit to you that the messengers of darkness are outworking those of us who choose to speak positivity to the masses.
Here’s my challenge… Outwork the others by choosing your words smartly and making a positive impact on the planet!
Go Ahead… I DARE YOU.


November 4, 2022 curtismorrow@outlook.com0
Finally, I got off my “duff” and made writing this book, as well as a second “kids” motivation book, the top priority.
For years, (and years and years) Les Brown (and several of my fellow speaking peers) has/have been pushing me to get this done.
My website (re-opening in a few days) contains a “store” page where books, DVD’s, and other products will be available to you.
This book will also be listed on “pre-published” special sell price.
Have you got an important project that you need to move up on your priority list? Then get off your duff and do it!
Go Ahead – I DARE YOU