John Garcia


John Garcia was born the son of a poor Hispanic laborer family. His 8 brothers and 5 sisters lived with their mother and father in a small 2-bedroom, 1 bath tiny home. John’s first battle was overcoming a language barrier and lack of quality education. He began life laboring under the blazing Texas sun, 12 hours a day, for 40 cents an hour. He was told he’d never amount to anything more than a sack boy in the local grocery store. John had other "Visions.“

Founder & CEO

John is founder and CEO of John Garcia Unlimited, a motivational speaking, training and business consulting enterprise. He is also in the process of creating a 501c3 Non profit empowerment center, intended to provide services to the local community.

U.S. Air Force Retired Veteran

In 1997, after a successful decades long United States Air Force Civil Engineering career, John entered corporate America where he went from Project and Program Management to VP of Business Development. His next stop was Executive Director of Government Privatized Operations and finally a 10-year stint as Vice President of Safety for an international firm.

Cancer Conqueror

John is also an 18+ year stage 4, terminal renal cell (kidney) cancer conqueror. He was diagnosed in Jan 2004 with a bleak prognosis of only 2 months to live. Now in his tenth cancer battle and his ninth experimental study… John is hailed as the UNLIMITED warrior who does not give up, regardless of the obstacles or mountains he must face. His on-stage stories on overcoming adversities are compelling. He shows audiences how to overcome the cancer of the workplace, or the cancer of relationships, or the cancer of workplace malaise, or whatever obstacle or mountains one faces. He is a Master Motivator and subject matter expert!

Where John has spoken

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