501c3 Empowerment Foundation

Helping Others Succeed

John is currently exploring standing up a 501c3 Empowerment foundation focused on providing essential life-skill services to disadvantaged youth and seniors. Yes, even seniors sometimes need help.

His goal to to provide self confidence to those seeking services and as a result return folks back to the workforce and lessen the numbers roaming the streets with nothing to do. Mitigating crime is a major focus and goal.

John’s philosophy is that if we can train and help others less fortunate… we do a great service to our local community and yes, event the world.

Currently, several locations in the Central Texas area are being explored. If you are like minded and want to make a difference, contact John and talk about what volunteer services and resources you can assist with. Everyone knows someone and together we can make this vision become a reality.

Stay tuned for more to come…