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John presents motivational keynote addresses to various business, civic, school, church and prison audiences.

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John has been in the teaching business most of his life. He began as a leadership instructor in the US Air Force, to VP of Business Development and for the last 10 years as Vice President of Safety.

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Coming soon…

501c3 Empowerment Foundation

John is currently exploring standing up a 501c3 Empowerment foundation focused on providing services to disadvantaged you and seniors.

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Les Brown

"John Garcia is one of the best speakers on the planet"


Senior Executive, Multi-Site and Nonprofit Leader

Steve Kuhn

“You may think you know what it means to overcome obstacles in your life but John Garcia’s story and gifts in his ability to communicate it will redefine perseverance.”



David Montoya

"I always found your speaking ability motivational John. I recall at Sevan during your safety conversations. I have never paid so much attention to company safety meetings. Great Job.”


Marketing Professional

Erika Truschke

“John is an incredible leader and advocate of Safety. (Hard) Hat off to you!”


Former Head of Operations UK

Jeremy Emmett

“Need motivation? John is one of a kind. He has an authenticity forged from personal experience. Faced with seemingly impossible odds, on numerous occasions, he has always decided to win."

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Speaking, Training, Business Consulting, 501c3 Empowerment

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November 4, 2022

With so much negativity in the world today, we need to reposition ourselves with positive messaging. Words matter. Words bring light to counter the darkness and vice versa. Words can […]

November 4, 2022

Finally, I got off my “duff” and made writing this book, as well as a second “kids” motivation book, the top priority. For years, (and years and years) Les Brown […]

November 4, 2022

JUST TAKE THE FIRST STEP You’ll never get anywhere, unless you step out. Step out in faith… Go Ahead – I DARE YOU www.JohnGarcia.com The MOTIVATION Station