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Unlimited MILITARY WARRIORS (Keynote)

John is a retired military warrior. In this keynote address, he addresses three main strategies. 1. Becoming absolutely successful while in uniform. 2. Preparing for a successful transition back to corporate America. 3. Creating incredible success and wealth with what you learned in the military.

Unlimited QUALITY(Workshop)

Is Quality in your workplace lacking? John’s Proven Quality Half-Day Workshop is designed to increase Quality Production while reducing your losses and maximizing your profit.

Unlimited SAFETY (Workshop)

This Full-Day Safety Workshop is designed to enhance awareness, eliminate safety accidents, and decrease your workers comp costs and lost time. I know, it sounds to good to be true! Safety programs are generally not very effective. What you really need is a way to develop a safety culture within each member of your team. This workshop is designed specifically to help transform your program into a culture.

Unlimited G.O.A.L.S. (Workshop)

Half-Day Workshop - If you don’t know where you're going, how can you expect to get there? The purpose for setting goals is to focus our attention. If we are to reach towards achievement we must first have clear objectives. When we set goals, the power to accomplish them becomes reality. This seminar teaches not only how to set goals, but more importantly how to reach them. This is a must for every leader and everyone who wishes to become a leader.

Unlimited PRODUCTIVITY (Workshop)

This Half-Day Workshop is exactly what you need to develop each member of your team into even more productive associates. This workshop is designed specifically to help improve productivity, enhance teamwork and commitment, and lower turnover.

Unlimited TEAM’s (Workshop)

This FULL DAY workshop is full of practical insights and strategies that - when applied -will create an atmosphere of cooperation, creativity, loyalty and innovation within your organization. Objectives include: (1) Core values absolutely necessary to building & sustaining healthy team cultures (2) Relationship Test / Questions that determine the state of TEAM relationships. (3) Obstacles to Peak Performance (4) Reliable Predictor of Success (5) Keys to Effective Daily Living (6) Loyalty Strategy - Simple and effective method for improving loyalty (7) How to Develop Relationships and watch performance soar (8) Handling Negative People (9) Steps to Effective Decision-Making and improved quality of communication. (10) Tests of Character

Unlimited WINNING & LEADERSHIP (Workshop)

One of John's most popular workshops. Winning in Business and Life is a half-day workshop packed with content and goes “hand-in-hand” with the Unlimited Winning Keynote address. John shares valuable insights gained from over 31 years of "in-the-trenches" military and corporate leadership. Nothing is held back. Your audience will get the benefit of hearing (and applying) all of John’s breakthrough strategies. They'll be able to build stronger business relationships, develop opportunities, be more effective in their leadership roles, and ultimately increase your bottom-line profit.

Unlimited LEADERSHIP SMARTS (Keynote)

Strong companies need (and deserve) strong leaders. John helps companies develop teams of effective, responsible, self-motivated leaders. Having a team of highly effective leaders is the key to moving entire organizations toward a culture of responsibility and integrity. It helps to have managers who truly understand the art of encouraging people to "pitch in" and make a difference.

Unlimited CONQUERING (Keynote)

John shares with his strategies for conquering adversities in life. John is a Cancer Conqueror. In 2004 he was diagnosed with a rare Renal Cell cancer and a blood clot in the main vein taking blood to the heart. His prognosis was not good. During recovery, John developed pancreatitis and liver shut-down. In this keynote, John’s audiences learn how to position themselves to overcome any of life’s adversities including those encountered in the workplace, personal relationships, or in ones health.


Leveraging the true power of diversity inside your teams, engaging your employees and gaining your competitive edge has never been more important. Workplace Diversity: True Teams is designed to improve the ability of your workforce to engage and interact more effectively with co-workers who are different than themselves, and to learn the characteristics and value of truly performing as teams! This training program and strategies focus on cooperation, collaboration and inclusion. They can have a tremendous impact on the overall ability of your company to compete effectively in the global marketplace. Individual work groups and/or departments are better able to achieve business goals by working more effectively with others who may be different than them. Maximize learning and production, increase collaboration and retention, and improve your competitive edge.


Improve your Communication & Presentation skills! John Garcia has designed UNLIMITED PRESENTATION SKILLS to help you: „X Implement a proven system to organize any presentation for any occasion. „X Communicate with clarity and purpose when you deliver your message. „X Manage the audience with your style and enthusiasm with a dynamic presentation. „X Overcome your fears of speaking in public for good! „X Control your nervousness and motivate the audience with your speaking abilities.

Unlimited PARTNERING (Facilitation)

Tired of typical routine and boring Partnering Sessions? John’s training in the Deming and Covey, Partnering, Total Quality Management, and ISO 9000 styles couples his serious BUSINESS approaches to his FUN & HUMOROUS Partnering sessions. John will facilitate your meetings, help pin-point your internal or external business problems, help your organization reach its maximum capability, and ultimately increase your profit. efficiency, customer service and team focused approach.

Unlimited WINNING (Keynote)

John provides audiences with a "winning formula for success." As a leading Business Culture Coach, he uses his “Signature Formula” to map out a plan that everyone can use in business as well as in personal situations. The 6-step formula includes: (1) GO For It (2) ACT On It (3) REINVENT Yourself (4) COMMIT To The Plan (5) INVEST In Yourself and (6)ABSOLUTELY Have Faith

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