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John co-authors "Visions" book

My best selling book, UNLEASH THE VISION WITHIN YOU is now available on www.JohnGarcia.com and at all my speaking engagements. I co-authored this book with Kevin Bracy, a professional speaker and former Pro Baseball player and Renee Ngamau, an inspiring motivational speaker and one of the top attorneys in London along with 12 other authors and speakers. This book offers visioning “points of view” for jumpstarting you to your next level of successes.

Schools / Colleges

John is going back to school... this time as a speaker. John is in "hot" demand as a speaker to students. John's ability to unlock human potential is helping students focus on what is possible for them. Book John for your next school event now. His calendar is filling up fast.

Testimonial - Les Brown

John Garcia inspires, empowers, and transforms audiences with his motivational messages. His insightful, engaging, and tailored keynote speeches and seminars pierce your heart and ignite your spirit to reach higher heights. I've shared stages with John all across America. Take notice... He's a great speaker and powerful motivator. I highly and strongly recommend him! - LES BROWN Award Winning Speaker and TV Personality

Testimonial - Out Of The RAIN

Dear Mr. Garcia, On behalf of the Out of the Rain Society, Inc. we thank you for your participation in our recent BAAM Blast (Books, Autism & Cancer Awareness, and MOTIVATION) event. Your bright smile and enthusiasm mesmerized everyone. You’re ability to bring passion and conviction to a speech was wonderful, as was your ability to connect with each member of the audience. We look forward to inviting you back again next year. Please keep us in mind as you build your speaking schedule. Amy Sellers President, Out of the Rain Society, Inc. www.OutoftheRain.com

Testimonial - Pounce To Success

"If you're looking for a dynamic, passionate motivator for your next event or conference, call John Garcia now! His story about winning against the cancer that almost took his life is incredible and inspiring. His passion and ability to motivate any audience is among the best in this industry. Plus, he's easy to work with and hiring him for your event will make YOU look great, too! Call him now...or call me...and I'll tell you all the other reasons why he's a MUST for your next meeting." Susie Gallucci, President, Pounce To Success International

Testimonial - WALMART

Dear John, Thank you so much for the great job you did with the two Diversity training sessions you conducted here at Wal-Mart Distribution Center # 6083. Clearly you did your research on our company and we all appreciated you bringing Wal-Mart information and examples to your presentation. That truly made it more meaningful to the team. I especially liked how you impressed upon us that reports are just information unless you access them and use them. Then, they become tools. We were impressed how you were able to achieve so much from such humble beginnings and that we should never let where we start out in life determine where we end up. You were awesome !! Thanks again Derek Jemeyson (DJ) General Manager Wal-Mart DC # 6083 Temple Texas

Testamonial - Balfour Beatty / BARA

John spoke to our entire team, consisting of over 900 persons engaged in building the new Parkland Hospital in Dallas. His message has not only inspired us, it has also challenged us and will ultimately safe us money and most importantly prevent accidents. He's a true professional and top notch speaker. Walt Massey, President

Guest on Tawana Williams Radio Show

John will be the featured guest on the Tawana Williams Radio show. Go to www.galactic7radio.com for more information and to find out exact date of show.

My 46 Month Cancer Update

Thanks to God! I continue to be healthy. In fact, it is hard to imagine that I had cancer. I have now made it to 46 months and I feel great. For those that don't know, I was being treated weekly, then bi-weekly, monthly, then every 3 months, then every 6 months. As of Feb 2007, I HAVE GRADUATED to only ONCE A YEAR!


My vision is realized! "JOHN GARCIA UNLIMITED" has opened for business. In this venture I travel nationally & internationally helping people and businesses achieve their maximum potential. For over 30 years, in college, in the US Air Force, and in Corporate America, I've studied 4 major areas to prepare me for this new business. Those are: (1) Management, (2) Leadership, (3) Public Speaking, and (4) People (Human Development) My services include professional speaking, training, consulting, and facilitating. I speak to schools, businesses, medical centers, civic organizations, churches, and prisons as well as on Radio and Television. I've also developed "Spanglish" programs geared specifically for bilingual Hispanic audiences, that have become a major population, business, and political epi-center. I look forward to working with your group to increase your goals and aspirations, your productivity, and your bottom-line profit.

Television and Spanish Programs coming soon

I'm currently working on television and spanish language programs that have the probability of going GLOBAL. Stay tuned for more.

I've been everywhere man

Have you heard the Johnny Cash song "I've Been Everywhere Man" ... that is how I feel. Over the last 6 weeks, I've been in Chicago IL, Savannah GA, Dallas TX, Louisville KY, Nashville Tn, Clarksville TN, Las Vegas NV, and Killeen TX. In the next 4 weeks I will be in Hawaii, North Carolina, and Florida. I love helping individuals and organizations accomplish their full potential. Looking for someone for your next event? Contact me let get you scheduled while there is room on the calendar.

John on KPLE TV

John was recently featured as a guest on the "Achieving The Abundant Life" television show on KPLE TV - Killeen Texas, an affiliate of TBN. The show followed Bishop TD Jakes, Trinity Worship Center and Dr Mark Chironna.

Lance Armstrong Tour of Hope

John was one of only 2 cancer survivors invited to share the speakers stage with Lance Armstrong and 3 doctors at MD Anderson Medical Center during the TOUR of HOPE coast-to-coast bike race. John hopes to produce a "More Powerful than Cancer" DVD project with Lance Armstrong and Les Brown. All three are cancer conquerors and experienced personal life obstacles early in life that shaped them to be successful later in life.

World Class Training

If you want to be the best... you must learn from the best. I recently attended training with the late Zig Ziglar and his team of world class trainers. I also attended training with Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, Robert Kyosaki, George Foreman and a host of trainers from THE LEARING ANNEX. As many of you know, I am a Platinum Member of the Les Brown Speakers Network. I receive much of my training from Les Brown, who is my personal mentor, and from Les' business mentor, Mike Williams. I will be attending yet another of Les' training conferences in Orlando, FL and in Los Angeles. I have also received training from a great deal of other Top Trainers in the speaking industry, including Mark Victor Hanson, Bob Proctor, Alex Mandosian, Tracy Childers, Jack Canfield, Tom Peters, Colin Powell, Art Linkletter, and a myriad of others. I started this article, "If you want to be the best, you must learn from the best." As I appear in front of your audiences, you will receive the benefit of all the training I have recieved.

John on KNCT Television

John was a guest on KNCT TV's "Hispanic Perspectives." The show was well received and was aired multiple times in January and has also aired during February.

Toastmasters Training

Have you ever been frustrated because you did not get the job you interviewed for? You did not get the promotion? You could not convince the bank to give you that loan you needed? Perhaps one of the reasons that these objectives were not accomplished was because the other person had a better ability to articulate their point of view. Effective Public Speaking does not come naturally to most people. In fact, Public Speaking is one of the most feared things to do. In recent surveys, it ranks higher than that the fear of death. There is good news. Toastmasters! One of the best and most economical places to enhance your speaking and presentations skills is at your local Toastmasters club. Toastmasters is a nonthreatening learning environment where you will learn the art of public speaking. You will focus all the aspects of speaking including projection, eye contact, hand gestures, voice variety, impact, rate, pitch, and much, much more. Visit www.toastmasters.org to find a club near you. Tell them John sent you.

Harmony Coaching Group Project

Recently, John was interviewed in San Diego by Joanna Wasmuth, CEO and Founder of Harmony Coaching Group. John will be featured in a CD Coaching Program aimed at helping people overcome chronic illnesses or diseases. John's recent bout with Renal Cell Cancer made him a perfect fit for this coaching program which will be available at www.harmonycoaching.com

Make No Little Plans

Recently I was walking down the halls at MD Anderson and I came across a plaque entitled "Make No Little Plans" I scribbled the words onto the back of my business card and thought I'd share them with you. Enjoy! Make no Little Plans they have no magic to stir mans blood and probably themselves will not be realized. Make BIG Plans. Aim High in Hope and Work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram, once recorded, will never die, but long after we are gone, will be a living thing asserting itself with ever growing intensity. ---- Daniel H Burnham Architect - M.D. Anderson 1846-1912

John on PHMA Board of Directors

John was recently appointed as the Central United States Regional Director for the Professional Housing Management Association. This association provided Professional Housing Services and Training for several thousand DoD housing managers, privatization partners, and military families.

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