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John Garcia was born the son of a poor Mexican American laborer family. His 9 brothers and 5 sisters lived with their mother and father in a small 2-bedroom, 1 bath shack. John's first battle was overcoming a language barrier and lack of quality education. He began life laboring under the blazing Texas sun, 13 hours a day, for 40 cents an hour. He was told he'd never amount to anything more than a sack boy in the local grocery store. John had other "Visions."

John is founder and CEO of John Garcia Unlimited, a motivational speaking and business consulting enterprise. John presents motivational keynote addresses to various business, civic, school, and prison audiences. He has shared the Speakers Platform with world renown speakers Les Brown, Lance Armstrong, Art Linkletter, Mark Victor Hanson, Jack Canfield, and numerous other speakers. His addresses focus on "Achieving Unlimited Success", "Yes You Can", "Overcoming Adversity", "Never Giving Up", and "Beating Cancer." His business training workshops focus on Customer Service, Work Production, Maximizing Profit, Quality Control, Safety & Injury Free Environments, Effective Public Speaking, Resume's, Interviews, and Follow ups. He is also a facilitator in Business Partnering sessions.

In 1997 John retired from a successful, 22-year, US Air Force Civil Engineering military career. During that career, he worked in Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Work Information Systems, Production Control, Maintenance Operations, Customer Service, and Work Planning. He also served as a Senior Academy Instructor.

Upon military retirement, he joined a world renown facilities engineering company, serving first as a Project Manager on the largest project in their portfolio, a multi-million dollar Hawaii based Department of Defense contract. Later he served as Director of Business Development Proposal Management in their San Diego corporate office.

In 2000, he was on a team that authored and negotiated a 50-year, $4 Billion Military Privatized Housing Community Development Plan, the largest of its kind in the Department of Defense. He then stayed on, serving as Executive Director of the facility engineering services business. He and his over 275 employees provided professional services to 6,000 military families. In 2002, they formed yet another company with over 80 employees, designed to provide facility renovation and minor construction services on military installations.

In 2004, John was diagnosed with a rare Renal Cell Cancer that is non-responsive to Chemotherapy or Radiation. In addition, he also had a major blood clot in the main vein going to his heart. Days after surgery, he developed pancreatitis, (which can be fatal) and shortly afterwards his liver started shutting down. John is currently involved in a cutting edge cancer study and treatment program that may prove to be the future for patients.

By the way, this uneducated boy was educated at 6 different colleges and universities and has made education and learning a lifelong passion. He is currently adding a Masters in Business Administration to his list.

John has served as President of his Toastmasters International club and Founder and President of the Professional Housing Management Association (PHMA) - Texas Chapter as well as Vice President of the Hawaii Aloha Chapter. He is currently the PHMA Central United States Region Director. He has also been involved in various civic and professional organizations including Air Force Association, Rotary International, Association of United States Army, Associated Builders and Contractors, Society of American Military Military Engineers, Lance Armstrong Foundation, American Cancer Society, and others.

John's focus is on helping people and businesses change their world. He is a Platinum speaker in the Les Brown Speakers Network and is personally mentored by Les Brown. His audiences learn that challenges facing them are "tests" that can be, and will be, successfully navigated.

As his business name states ...UNLIMITED. That is the way to approach life and business.

To schedule John for your engagement, click on the "Contact John" link or call him at 254-681-7547.

John co-authors "Visions" book
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